Saturday, April 19, 2008

BADM Again!

I can't seem to get enough of this place. Sometimes, I wonder if I am pushing Kira to play at the BADM too much. Since we have a membership and she doesn't seem to mind (She actually has a lot of fun. Can't wait until Hayden is old enough to play. I'll carry him around for 4 more months tops.), I keep taking them back when we run out of things to do.

Kira is playing with the big kids. She is often intimidated by toddlers. They are too unpredictable for her. She does much better with older kids. In fact, it was really funny when a girl started talking to her telling her what to do with the sand and she nodded and said "yeah, yeah". Totally sounded like they were having a conversation.

Here is our small setup at home. I couldn't resist anymore and bought some Moon Sand. Half the time when I buy toys for Kira, I am really getting it for myself. I now also understand why people like really big kitchens. I tried to make dinner while Kira and Hayden played. It was tricky.

It was another sunny day so she paraded around in her new shades.

One reason I love the BADM is there is always something new. Kira learned to make paper today. Here is a picture of her being shown how it's done.

Then she gave it a try herself.

When she was done, she looked back at the tub and decided what I've been calling "paper water" is just a tub of dirt. She was quite distressed. Kept telling the exhibitor there's dirt in her water. She also saw the fibers that got stuck to her hands and obsessed over picking them off all the way home.

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