Saturday, April 5, 2008

No Pictures?

Do I dare put up a post without a picture or video? Well, I will try and put one up later today if I can get my paws on the desktop computer. This computer I am using is lame.

Here is a little exchange between Kira and I a couple of days ago while we were driving home from a play date: (she was speaking mostly in Cantonese, see translation.)

Kira: Daddy go to work.
Me: Yeah, daddy faan gong. (Daddy goes to work.) What about mommy?
Kira: Mommy gai gai. (Mommy goes out.)
Me: No, mommy doesn't just go gai gai all the time. What else does mommy do?
Kira: Mommy gau gau chu. (Mommy sleeps.)
Me: well, what else?
Kira: Mommy, no Life.

She was actually refusing some Life cereal I was handing her... but still...

Hope your lives are interesting and fun!

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