Monday, April 21, 2008

Party and Easiest Project Ever

We partied with Kira's friend over the weekend at a playground. It was a gorgeous day. The hosts gave out balloons to all the kids and they were a big hit. Kira and Hayden each got a balloon. Yes, even Hayden. He liked it a lot. The only problem with Hayden having a balloon is that whomever carried him always had a balloon right in his face. Yep, HIS face. Brett carried him the whole time.

It was a great party and we all had fun. Kira and her other friend were identified as cake vultures. As soon as we finished singing Happy Birthday, they got away from their respective parents and weaseled their ways next to the birthday boy. They figured that's probably the best spot for getting cake asap. Kira even brought her own chair to sit next to the birthday boy. If you saw how many people were at the party, you'd be able to imagine how funny it was - tiny little Kira trying to maneuver her way clumsily to the cake. I have never seen her so motivated before. Before we left for the party, she did say "I need the cake" over and over. I guess she really needed the cake.

Kira and the birthday boy.

Kira, the birthday boy, and the other cake vulture. Brett and Hayden and another dad are in the background.

Brett, Hayden and the balloon

Kira and her cake buddie. Isn't it funny how the slice of cake is almost as big as the girl's head?

I also discovered, over the weekend, the easiest craft project ever... if you can even call it a project. I made some photograms in a matter of minutes. All you do is lay objects over some photosensitive paper and expose the paper to the sun. After a minute or two, you rinse the paper and out comes this beautiful, almost ghostly image. I have to explore it some more.

This is the brand of photosensitive paper I used. There must be others, I just haven't found them yet.

This is what I made.

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