Tuesday, April 15, 2008

How is Kira doing?

This is a Kira post. We went to the doc for her two year appointment and she is on track for her motor skills and way ahead on her verbal skills. She now weighs 27 1/2 lbs and measures 2ft 8 inches. The doc is quite happy with all that she can do so I am happy. I asked the doc about Kira's OCD but she says it's typical of kids at this age to obsess over details in life. As much as Kira seems like a neat freak at this moment, she may very well grow up to be a complete slop. Her advice was for me to enjoy it while it lasts. Em... ok, I will try to "enjoy" it the next time she freaks out because there is a tiny microscopic speck of peanut butter on her pinky.

I am often asked if Kira is still good with Hayden. She is. She is still very kind to Hayden and she's picked up some mad infant care skills. Here is a long video of it. It really is a long video so feel free to quit when you think you've seen enough. I am her mom so I of course think she is adorable and I can never get enough of her. Notice how she walked off and then suddenly remembered the baby was still naked and how she repeatedly bonked the baby's head on the coffee table and kissed it better each time but didn't quite figure out to put him down first and then pick up the bottle. I thought that was pretty funny.

Finally, some more of her photographic work. She is getting better at using the camera. These shots were all taken by Kira, unassisted. Still more on the artistic side, eh?

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