Monday, April 14, 2008

I Am Back!

It's been a very very busy few days since the last posting.

Kira had her birthday party #2 on Wed. Here she is getting clean and ready for it. She is wearing her birthday skirt that I made for her. These tiered skirts are surprisingly easy to make.

Speaking of making things, I also made these as Brett's birthday gift. I made him boxers ages ago... maybe 10 years ago and those were really really poorly made. They pretty much fell apart after one wash. Brett was sweet enough to keep them to this day and will occasionally wear them. These new ones are much better constructed. I am especially proud of the French seams. Tricky technique but very good looking especially since I don't have a serger.

Ah, continue with the Wednesday story. After Kira's party #2, my friend Kristin came to visit from Seattle. The weather was super good while she was here so went for lots of walks. First, we went to the Legion of Honor. See that green sweater Kira's wearing? Kristin made it. She is a very talented knitter.

While we were at the Legion of Honor, I was pleasantly surprised to see this:

I've never seen his work in person, only pictures and TV. I was very impressed. Here is another shot of the same sculpture.

Thursday, Kristin and I ditched Kira and went on a knitter's tour of SF. It was a lot of fun. First, we headed to the raw restaurant for a power brunch. Here's Hayden chilling while we fueled up.

Hayden was initiated into the knitter's circle at the same shop Kira was initiated.

We walked from 24th and Castro to 18th and Noe. The hike was insane. It was a hot day and the hills were steep. We saw these berries on the way. Their colours were vibrant and simply happy. So I had to stop and admire them. Does anyone know what they are?

Since we worked so hard hiking up that big hill on Thursday, we decided to take it easy on Friday. Kristin, the kids and I headed to Mill Valley. It was a crazy hot day. The temperature rose to 92! In fact, it was hot enough that I had to strip the kids down. Finally, at the end of the day, they were down to their onesies. Posing next to Hayden here is Kira's "practice brother". The resemblance is striking! (Remember the story about practice brother? Our neighbour bought Kira a doll before Hayden was born so she can practice being a big sister. This doll is still Kira's favorite.)

In Mill Valley, I saw this couch that we almost bought. It was maybe a little too girly for Brett's taste and it wasn't as comfortable as I'd like it to be. It sure was pretty to look at.

It was so hot and we made Kira walked so much that she begged to be held. Here she is trying the puppy dog eyes on Kristin.

Kirstin left on Saturday and Brett and I ditched Kira again to go couch shopping again. We found one that we liked and went back on Sunday to purchase it. It should be ready in about a month. Yeah! New seating!! I was super happy.

The weather has been strangely good. It was so hot the kids were out in sun dresses and shorts again.

Brett also had a big Magic party on Sunday. We are training the kids to play.

Alright, this is a long rambling post but I am all caught up now. Did you have an exciting week?

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