Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Hayden Pics

I figure it's time for a Hayden post.

Like Kira, he's a drooly baby. I often double and triple bib him just so he won't soak through his clothes. He is now able to sit for a bit... not just held up by his rounds of fat, but really sit.

I still give him tummy time but he is not a fan. Often, he needs encouragement. Here are pictures of Kira entertaining him during tummy time.

He has been a pretty good sleeper. Although he is not sleeping through the night, he usually falls asleep on his own without much fussing. I know I am totally jinxing it by saying it out loud... oh well. He sleeps in his crib most of the night
...and when I am too tired to get up and nurse him, he gets to sleep in the big bed. He likes to be right in the middle. He is usually swaddled at night so he doesn't take up a lot of space but occasionally, he is allowed to sleep like this:

His tiny hands and feet are still cute and little.

Then the legs... I am not exaggerating at all when I say they are bigger than my arm. Here's proof:

I've been calling them turkey legs but Brett reminded me of the term we used for Kira's legs - THUNDER THIGHS. So, here they are, Thunder Thigh!

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