Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Sewn in One Day

I had an incredible sewing day. I can't imagine how fast I worked. In the morning, Hayden was a little grumpy so I didn't want to start anything that required too much brain power. So, I decided to do a little more refashioning. Here a picture of the shirt before I ripped it apart. Actually, there's already been some ripping but I wanted a before shot.
From this one shirt, I made a bib and a pair of pants. It took exactly two hours. I am especially proud of the robot stencil that I made impromtu. I starting "drawing" on the bib with thread and I liked the way the robot looks so I quickly made a stencil for the pants with just a file folder. The fabric paint is a metallic silver so it's very fitting.
I also found one of the bibs that I mentioned in yesterday's post. I still don't know what Kira did with the other one. So, here is Hayden modeling the bib:

And here is picture of the final products with their respective humble beginnings... well... what's left of them anyway.
I think there is still life in the blue shirt. I will have to think of something for it.
After the morning sewing session, I hung out with Hayden a bit and started thinking about my afternoon sewing. I wanted to get Kira's birthday outfit going but the skirt I had in mind is a pattern I had never sewn before and it's in Japanese. I thought it'd take me forever. Then, I got into a Project Runway mind state and told myself it's do or die. I have to finish it in 3 hours, which is usually how long Hayden naps in the afternoon. I took out the pattern, did a bunch of guess work and here is what I made:
This is not a very good picture of it and it's actually way too big for Kira. Since it was a Japanese pattern, I decided to make it one size bigger but I guess Kira is not as huge as I thought she is. Now that I know how the pattern works, I can make her another one that fits better when I can find another pocket of time to sew. In the end, this only took me two hours, which was how long Hayden's nap was. So, everything worked perfectly and I even had time to make dinner. What a productive sewing day!

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