Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Look Over Here!

The theme for this post is "Look Over Here!". We are going to discuss the challenges faced by photographers who take pictures of groups, especially groups involving children and adults who are very happy to see said children. It is difficult to get the subjects to all look at the same direction. The adults are distracted and often want to play with the children instead of smile at the camera, making it difficult to capture that perfect facial expression. As a result, some adults end up with funny looks on their faces. The problem is made worse when one or more of the children has very little "head-eye coordination". Add to that another child who is crazy and hyper and we are pretty much looking at a guaranteed less-than-perfect picture. Finally, multiple other photographers are all competing for the attention from the subjects. The results often look like these:

Aunt Christine and Hayden:

Cousin Jane and the kids:

Classic examples of pictures resulting from all the issues raised above. Teresa, Anders and the kids:

Brayden and Kira at the park:

Ah... along with this sweet picture is a hilarious video that I've titled "How Relationships Sometimes End". I wish I know how to edit the video and add narration/dialog . So... here is the script for while you enjoy this classic.

Actually, you may want to see the video before you read the script so I don't spoil the ending for you.

Kira: What a beautiful day!
Brayden: Yeah, but not as beautiful as you.
Kira: Awwwww... you are such a sweet boyfriend.
Brayden: Don't we look cute together, holding hands and everything.
Kira: We sure do. I bet all the adults are melting right now. We are such an awesome couple.
Brayden: Let's go down this little ramp. It looks like fun. Here, I'll help..... ahhh!!!!!
Kira: Ahhhhhh!!!!!
Background adults: Ahhhhhhh!!!!
Brayden and Kira: Wah wah wahh!!!!

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