Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Happy Belated Easter

Happy Belated Easter!

We've had a pretty action packed Easter weekend despite the fact that it's not a holiday here. Brett's friend, Jeff, came to visit Friday night and stayed with us until Saturday morning. We had a good yummy brunch that Brett single handedly prepared. (and he left the kitchen cleaner than before he started!) Then, his other friend, Damon, came to stay with us on Saturday and Sunday.

While we had company, we went for walks and enjoyed the spring scenery here in SF. We went to Golden Gate park and I was very glad to see cherry blossoms blossoming. I miss the huge cherry blossoms in Vancouver. Spring is my favorite time to drive to UBC because the whole 49th Ave is lined with pink and white cherry blossoms. They are gorgeous. Once, I drove during some pretty strong wind and cherry blossom petals just rained on me for the whole 30 min drive. I had a great day at school that day.

Here is a picture of Kira on a small cherry blossom. I thought she'd freak out but she quite enjoyed it. She kept saying "Kiki sit on a tree."

And here is a picture of Daddy and Kira engaging in some mommy-not-approved activity. I don't remember what it was anymore... probably involved dirt. Look at the smirks on their faces.

It took Kira a little while to warm up to Damon but she eventually did. She woke up Monday morning asking for Damon. I told her Damon went home and she started to repeat the phrases, "Damon Daddy Gai Gai" (Damon and Daddy went out.) "Damon glass" (Damon wears glasses.) "Damon goop on" (Damon puts sunscreen on his face.)

After the GG Park walk, we went to a raw food restaurant. This is my first try and I was pleasantly surprised. I am not saying I'd eat it everyday but I enjoyed it more that I thought I would. This place we went to had a very delicious mint chocolate milkshake. Doesn't sound like much but it is the best mint chocolate shake I've ever had. It's made with fresh mint, coco nibs, and almond milk ice-cream. Emm..... yummmmm..... This picture was taken at the restaurant.

After all the site seeing, I figured we should do something Easter-y for Kira. We didn't celebrate Easter when I was a kid and I didn't really know what to do. We thought she's too young to dye eggs and I thought she'd be hopeless at an egg hunt. So, I just made her these slippers and she hopped around in them for a bit. We'll do a little more each year.

Where was Hayden during all this, you ask? Well, he slept through most of it. When he was awake, he smiled, he read and he got dressed like Kira.

He's getting cuter everyday! Okay, I am biased. I have to think he's cute. It's nature's way of making sure our babies are well taken care of... but... look at him! I can just hug him and kiss him all day long... except when he is crying or pooping...

The competition for pre-schools is fierce in SF. So I've started Hayden on an early reading regiment. He has to chew on... I mean read 2 books a day everyday.

Check out this picture and then compare it to this picture. Kira was 7 months old then and Hayden is 4 months old today. These clothes are a little on the tight side for him...

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Anonymous said...

For the first time, I think Kira is small, to compare with Hayden.