Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Recycle, Refashion

First, a video of the making of the gingerbread house. I somehow forgot to include it in the last post.

The latest trend in the DIY/craft world is to recycle and refashion. As much as I love working with beautiful fabrics (I really really love it), it is silly to think that I buy a huge piece of fabric only to chop it up into bits and then resew it back together to make a quilt. Isn't the idea of making a quilt to use small pieces of whatever you have on hand? So, I tried to join the refashion movement and recycled some of Brett's old t-shirts to make other useful items. This past weekend, I cut up one of those t-shirts and made 2 huge bibs. Hayden's been drooling like mad! I don't have a picture of the final products because Kira hid one and Hayden is sleeping with the other. I will put them up when I have a chance.

Before Hayden was born, I took one of Kira's old onesie and embellished it with a dinosaur applique. I thought it will be quite a while before it fits Hayden but he's been wearing it and I think he is even outgrowing it.

Even further back, I made Kira a pair of pants from one of my old t-shirts. That picture is here. Making things from old things can be a lot of fun. First, I don't have to worry about making a mistake and ruining expensive fabric. I can wing it and make things up as I go. Second, I really let the kids "wear" the clothes a lot more. I let them wear my other creations too but I tend to cringe when they roll in the mud or spill juice on them. Anyway, I have a few other ideas to reuse old t-shirts and old jeans... so if your name is Brett's old t-shirt and you know you either don't fit him well or don't look so good then watch out! I am going to turn you into something that will involve mopping up after my children.

Hey, Kira is quiet... maybe she is finally asleep? She'd cried for an hour and a half today. :-( I wonder if daylight saving is messing up her nap schedule. Finally, an artistic picture taken by Kira. I gave her the camera and said, "make art!" and this is what she did. Any guess as to what it is?

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