Sunday, March 9, 2008

Bizzaro Day

Yesterday, March 08, 2008 was a very weird day.

This is the view that greeted me when I opened the curtains to see the sun and the blue sky.

Already, I knew the day would be exceptional. We got dressed and decided to head to IHOP for breakfast. This is the poster that was at the entrance.

Naturally, I had to order Green Eggs and Ham, Who Cakes and Beezlenut Splash. This was Hayden's reaction after I told him what we were ordering:

This is what actually came. Pretty close to the poster.

Then I took a bite:

It actually was not bad. I was just surprised. Then Kira wanted some of that action.

This is what she looked like after her bite.

Yeah... if you think my order of food was weird, look at what Kira wanted to eat with her pancakes:

After our strange, yet satisfying meal, we headed to the Presidio so Brett can do some work and I can run around with the kids a little. I took this picture while Kira was stuck in a sea of ground covers. You'd see why a child her size would think those ground covers were there to eat her.

The finale of the day was our decision to do this:

We wanted to Kira to help as much as possible. So I gave her some icing to mix up. When she was done, she decided to put some peas in it... and then she decided to eat the concoction.

This is her face when she was done.

Why we decided to build a ginger bread house in March is still a mystery to me but this is the final product. We'll get better next year.

When we were all done, Kira was in charge of cleaning up. Our kitchen is so lucky.

Don't you think it was a weird day????

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