Thursday, March 13, 2008

Bad Day

It's not even 3pm yet and I have two screaming babies who won't nap. One, the older, screamed for about 30 min, fell asleep for maybe 10 min and woke up and screamed again for 10-20 min during which time the other one pooped all over town and screamed in the bath. I don't know why he doesn't seem to like baths anymore. Yes, that's a lot of screaming. Where did I go wrong?

Here is a video of 24 blissful seconds we had yesterday. Hayden is starting to push his head up! I am surprised to realize, upon looking at some of Kira's 3 month old pictures, that Hayden is actually not as strong and mobile as Kira was at this point. Who knew!

And a happy picture of Hayden playing on his activity mat:

I actually have another video that is more interesting and it is shot from Hayden's point of view. Maybe I will put it up tomorrow. Gotta go regroup before I let both monsters, I mean angels, out of their rooms. Am I the only mom who feels guilty after speaking ill of her children? Or am I the only mom who speaks ill of her children?

Oh... the t-shirt pants I made yesterday came from this tutorial. The bib was my own pattern. It's not really much of a pattern. I just cut out 2 layers of t-shirt in the shape of a bib we already own. Sew them together, turn, sew on Velcro and voila.

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Anonymous said...

Days like that suck! I was with an old friend last night who really wants a baby of his own and kept thinking how very lucky he and his wife are for having time together without screaming pooping babies... but I know we're lucky too. Blessings, they are (just keep telling yourself that when they're both screaming AND pooping and maybe you'll get a smile out of yourself)