Monday, March 3, 2008

Playing Catch Up

Ah... we are back from vacation so it's time to play catch up with the blog.

First, a picture taken before we left to show how grown up Hayden has become. He is somewhat sitting on his own... well, he can sit up straight with support and can sit tripod style for about 10 seconds. He is smiling, cooing, grasping, drooling, kicking and mimicking our noises. I am sure there are other things he can do these days that I haven't mentioned yet. I will get to them as they come to me.

Our trip started perfectly. We got to the airport in plenty of time to get lunch and change the kids' diapers (never thought I'd be budgeting that into my air travel plans) and whatever else we had to do. The kids were perfect on the plane. We've decided Kira travels like an orange and Hayden travels like a banana... think about it.

Since we only bought two seats, Kira sat on Brett's lap and Hayden sat on mine:

Hayden before take off:

Hayden during the descend:

So as you can see, no, Hayden was not bothered by the pressure change.

Here is a video of us all waiting at the airport... yeah, our flight was delayed by about an hour but we didn't mind.

Stay tuned... more from our Vancouver trip to come in the next few days...

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