Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Problem Solved

After a post about the difficulties a photographer must face while shooting group pictures, here are some examples of successful shots. The solution... I don't know. Must be miracles.

These first pictures were taken on the last day of our trip at my friend Lisa's house.

A picture of the happy gang:

Benjamin is the only one in our group that has not pro-created. So naturally, we gave him the kids. He's really good with the kids. They all love him, especially the girls.

Hayden chilling with daddy. Isn't it amazing that they were both looking directly at the camera?!

This was our sleeping arrangement. Hayden on the floor with the luggage and me on the big comfy pillow top bed. Ah... life is good.

These were taken at another friend, Becky's house.

Did Hayden shrink? Did I have crazy hair growing out of the back of my head?

No, this is Becky's new baby girl, Kate. She is so soft and tiny and cute. I want one.

What about the one I already have, you ask. Well, he is not so soft, not so tiny... still cute though. I guess I will keep him. He's so big he needed his own seat on the plane.

No... we somehow lucked out and had 6 seats, the whole row, to ourselves on the way back. Unfortunately, that's the only positive thing that happened that day. The rest of our return travel was horrible. Nobody's fault, really... it was just bad. Brett was sick, the kids were grumpy, the plane was delayed... you name it. Here is a picture of our glorious 6 seats.

This is it for my Vancouver trip related post. It was fun but I don't think I will have the energy to travel with the kids for quite a while. But then Brett thinks I have amnesia. Maybe I will forget the hard work and jump on a plane again soon.

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