Friday, April 23, 2010


The Girl got a bug kit from school one day and has been bugging me to go outside to catch bugs with her. I told her mommy doesn't handle bugs. That's daddy's department. So she waited and waited for a sunny weekend to go outside with daddy. This was their "catch". She took care of Shelly all day and released it at the end of the day. She is much closer to nature than I am.

And here is a picture of Daddy and the Boy in matching outfits. I love sunny days (when I am not sneezing.)

By the way, I have been having difficulties uploading videos that are .avi formats. I have to convert them to mp4 before I can upload them and that's a pain in the neck. Is there a better way? Does Blogger not support avi anymore?

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Lizzi said...

Your children are adorable, I'm not much for creature hunting either though...I'll leave that to my little sisters.