Thursday, April 22, 2010

Cherry Blossom Festival

We went last Sunday to the annual Cherry Blossom Festival. Streets lined with gorgeous pink and white cherry blossom trees is on the top my list of things I miss the most about Vancouver. There are some cherry blossom tress here but they are not as big, not as common and somehow, just not as impressive. One version of my dream house has a couple of cherry blossom trees groomed into and archway leading up to the front door. So on this fine Sunday, we went out there and celebrated this beauty of nature.

These first pictures were actually taken in my own backyard. We have a single cherry blossom tree in the yard and I love looking at it when I sew. Sometimes, I'd see a hummingbird hovering around it and it's just picture perfect.

I am not sure how I really feel about taking kids to these events. I don't like standing in line and standing in line at a crowded place with the kids and a honking huge stroller is just not fun. But the mood stroke and I actually stood in the two longest lines for some super popular Japanese fair food. First up, red bean cake.

It was worth the wait. My kids and hubby didn't care for them but I say "yum!"

Next up, Takoyaki.

This is kind of a weird one. It's a batter with octopus mixed in, grilled and served with a special sauce and seaweed over it. I think it's an acquired taste. I had most of the order. The Boy took a few bite and the Girl and the Hubby just said forget it.

We stuck around to watch the parade. Unlike the hardcore parade watchers, we didn't stake out to get seats or a spot on the sidewalk. Instead, we pushed our stroller up the already packed street in an attempt to find a reasonable spot. Our one criterion was that it had to be shady. Hubby and the kids fry easily.

We parked in front of a bank that was closed and had the Boy sit on Hubby's shoulders and the Girl stand on the stroller to watch the parade. If we had stuck with that plan, Hubby would have been broken (we recently weighed the Boy and he is a mighty 33lbs!) and the Girl would have whined for an hour. Luckily, someone who had a great spot got up and left not ten minutes into the parade and we jumped and took their spot. Here are some nice pictures I was able to take from our awesome seat.

Beautiful fabric. I really wanted to rip it off her and make a bag out of it or something.

Giant paper marche Daruma.

Cosplay group.

I was pretty exhausted when we got home and I was trying out a new allergy medication. So, with Hubby's blessing, I went to take a nap at 3. I remember hearing the kids run around the house and jump on Hubby but I just couldn't care less. When I woke up, it was 6:30.

Ah! Nap! Wonderful nap!

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Tofuland said...

Looked like a really fun day! It seemed like you had the most fun tho.