Friday, April 9, 2010

Party Number One

We had the party on Easter Sunday so all our little guests came dressed like little royalties.

Here our first guest, as he referred to himself.

Kids checking out the dress up gear.

Princess super heroes.

Another disguise. It's great to see that these girls have a sense of humor. It's not all about looking oh so pretty.

Princess got eaten by big bad wolf.

I think this prince was trying to save the princess from the wolf.

The little ones hovered around the train table most of the time.

After some play and pizza, it's cake time. Check out the plate full of princesses.

She approves.

He does too!

I usually don't like gift opening at parties but these kids are getting older and they chose the gifts for the girl and wanted to show them to her. So we opened gifts.

Other kids may want a chance to rip open their own gifts but our princess definitely didn't mind a little gift opening service.

Thank you everyone for a wonderful time! We are lucky to have so many great friends to share the girl's birthday with.

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Tofuland said...

Oh wow, looks like you have been really busy!!! You need a pay raise man! The party looked real fun and seemed like everyone had a great time! I bet Kiki was very satisfied with her special dress up birthday party!