Saturday, April 10, 2010

Party Number Two

On the actual day of the girl's birthday, she had another party at school with her school friends. I was instructed by the teacher to bring 14 cupcakes and 14 little gifts for the kids.

I got there a little early so I got to see a little bit of her mandarin class.

I was happy to see that she paid attention and participated. She clearly didn't understand much but she was willing to try.

Then, it was birthday talk time. Her teacher told a story about birthdays and introduced the character, the Girl. Then all the kids said happy birthday and sang the birthday song in three different languages.

The Girl was asked to hand out the little gifts and each time, the kids have to say happy birthday to her in whatever language they choose and the Girl had to say thank you in that same language.

Then they sat down to eat cake and sang happy birthday in two different languages this time.

Finally, cake was served! But wait, they were then told that they had to finish their lunch first. I made another batch of the cakes with little characters on them so the teacher said the first person to finish gets to pick their cake first. I watch these kids eat a lot and I have never seen them eat so fast!

What a fun and educational birthday.

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Tofuland said...

Oh gosh, the look on Kiki's face when the kids were singing her the birthday song is just priceless.