Thursday, April 8, 2010

Birthday Week

I am behind on pictures and posts again because this was birthday week. Two out of the three goof-balls in the family had a birthday. So, I was busy planning parties. Yep, parties, more than one.

Look at this silly girl. This is how she came in to my room on the morning of her birthday.

So silly princess asked for a princess dress up party. However, the guest list she gave me consisted of one girl and two boys other than herself. I am pretty sure the boys are not going to prance around in dresses so I had to come up with something that all the kids can enjoy.

Nothing says dress up to me like capes. There were 8 kids including the siblings so the first thing I did was to sew eight of these. The girl ones have hoods and fur and the boy ones either have collars or hood with no fur.

I gathered all the play dresses in the house.

Then to complete the royalty look, I made some crown. Just to make it even more boy friendly, I decorated with cars and trains.

Finally, I set up a dressing station and put a whole bunch of other accessories like shoes and masks near it.

Hubby was drafted to handle the decorations. He was asked to make the room very pink.

A final princess touch.

And the silly girl was transformed into a princess who is ready to party!

To be continued...


Christine said...

She looks Little Red Hood instead of a princess?

Ricky said...

Very manly crowns and capes. Must say I have received quite a few compliments.