Friday, February 12, 2010

Special Post for T and A

If you are not my kids God parents, this post will not mean anything to you.

T & A: I hope this video works. Let me know if you can see this.


Tofuland said...

Seriously, I was crossing my fingers when I pressed the play button. Damn Blogger videos!!!! Why can't they work properly?????

Tofuland said...

Holy it works!!! I guess I was kinda desperate and I didn't want to give up so I kept on pressing the play key every now and then!!! Hahaha, yeah baby!!!

Hayhay is JUST SO ADORABLE!!! He must be pretty excited and happy since he kept on walking in circles for like forever...hahhaha...Thanks for the video, Yetta!

Andy said...

HH is so CUTE! Can't wait to see your two kids again in the spring!

Tofuland said...

How can we not love your kids? They are so cute!! We are going through withdrawal right much that I have to rewatch this video again. Can't wait until we see them in March!!!!