Thursday, February 25, 2010

The Before and After

I've only been to LA 3 times, including this past weekend and I've never really been a tourist there.

We took a stroll on Rodeo Dr the night before the event to check out all the fancy stores. My eyes were blinded by jewelry bigger and shinier than my fake ones. They were really really gorgeous. I also had the "good fortune" to overhear an argument between a bunch of tweens over a "f***ing thousand dollar bracelet". They were fighting to buy it, not fighting over the value of it. One of the lines I overheard was, "it's just a f***ing thousand dollar bracelet, why can't you let me have it?" Yep, quite a different world out there.

We passed by this cake shop with some of the most beautiful cakes I have ever seen!

The morning of the event, I had planned to lounge around the pretty swimming pool and work on my tan but the weather didn't cooperate. The best I could do was this picture.

Did I mention our hotel was super grand. Thanks to the generosity of Hubby's company, we got to stay at the swanky Four Seasons. This was the lobby when we arrived.

This was the lobby on day 2. Completely different huge floral arrangements.

The hotel was so fancy there was even a little bench inside the elevator.

My favorite thing about the hotel was the bathroom in our room. It was seriously bigger than my bedroom in my house. I especially loved this little vanity.

Ah... back to touristy stuff. We went to the La Brea Tar Pits the morning of the event.

I was convinced my teeth are bigger than the Sabertooth Cat's.

Okay, I thought the scientists there were pulling my leg. How can the speck be a bone and even if it were, how the heck did that find that from a pile of bones mixed in tar? (Oh, in case you can't read what the papers say... from left to right: large mouse toe bone, small mouse toe bone, mammoth toe bone)


Ricky said...

Lucas put you up in the Pretty Woman Hotel! Did you feel like Julia Roberts?

Tofuland said...

Very nice pics. Yes, it's only "f***ing thousand dollars" - no big deal! I think we were contemplating over jewelry that was sixty dollars when we were at the fair. Holy moly! Wow, two different worlds, huh?

langlangcreations said...

Funny funny, Carolyn! We tried to watch Pretty Woman while we were there but didn't have time. Alas I was not in the hotel with Lucas.