Friday, February 12, 2010

Fancy Pants

Made by Rae and Made are blogging a whole month about crafts for boys! I've made plenty for the Girl but sadly not much for the Boy because things just don't look as cute. I saw this pant tutorial and it was just too chic to pass.

The pattern is supposed for a tall three year old but when I was finished they were just right for the Boy.

Lier, the pattern designer, was right. The double top stitching makes the pants way more professional looking. I also love how the side pockets look.

She was also right about the pants riding really low. I didn't make the button holes for a drawstring so I suppose I can open up the casing and tighten the elastic but I don't think that would be very comfortable to wear.

I learned a lot making these pants. I never knew how to put in side pockets and I've never made a pair of lined pants. Here is something I already knew - back pockets.

So I'd say these are stylish pants but the fit is not very good. I am ready to find a commercial pattern and try it again. Nonetheless, I am still happy to have a new pair of pants for about $1.50. The only thing I bought was the twill and elastic.

1 comment:

Tofuland said...

The pants look really cute, but yes, you are right, it fits kinda low. It looks like the pants are going to fall off Hayhay's butt. LOL