Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Sewing Homework

The Girl borrowed a naked Barbie doll from a friend one day. Before she went to bed, she told me that it's not okay for the doll to be naked. Barbie needed a mermaid costume. Green tail, purple boobies (that's what she calls a bra) and a flower necklace. I was to work on that while she slept so she can play with Barbie in the morning.

So after I tucked her in, I set to work on my assignment. Can't believe I am sewing for Barbie now.

A close up of Barbie the mermaid. I discovered the trick to these play clothes is lots of elastic. The tail has an elastic waist band and the bra was sewn with elastic thread. The necklace is just a piece of confetti from Valentine's day strung on a short length of elastic thread.

Here is a bonus picture of Barbie and my newest girlie toy: a pink camera. Thanks for being manly enough to allow a pink camera in our household, Hubby.


Tofuland said...

NO WAY!!!! YOU DIDN'T LET KIKI BRING A BARBIE HOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am disappointed in you, Yetta Ming Allen!!! Good job on the costume tho, by the way. It's lovely, especially that necklace. Love it. Is your digital camera finally died?? The pink one is SO cute! Andy would never let me buy that colour! =( B is cool!

langlangcreations said...

Yes, it is a sad sad day when she asked for Barbie by name.

My digital camera refuses to focus when we take videos. I guess it hasn't died completely. You see, yes, B is cool, etc but I am in charge on cameras in this house and he said he'll hardly ever use this one so I can keep it. Very much like how I can have a pink phone. I am definitely becoming more and more pink each day.

Andy said...

The expression on that Barbie's face is a bit eerie. Its has a "look at my new nose and botox job" expression or something.

Otherwise - great work on the outfit!