Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The Food

We were told that the food is usually awesome. I worked out really hard the two weeks prior to the event to make sure there is at least half an inch of eating space between my tummy and the dress. Looking good was secondary. It's all about the "full" Oscar experience.

This was waiting for us as we took our seats. Truffle soup, goat cheese and beets, arugula salad and a mushroom salad in a pastry box. The soup was really good.

The second course was ravioli. The ravioli themselves were good but the sauce was "Chef Boyardee"-like.

Oh... there was also this pretty center piece and bread basket.

The main course was a filet mignon and sea bass with sides of roasted butternut squash, potatoes and brocolini. The portions were huge. The taste was great (for someone who normally doesn't eat beef, I tried and liked the filet mignon) but the plating, as you can see, was a little disappointing.

I usually like to finish everything on my plate but I just couldn't finish this dish. After all, I had to save room for dessert. Peach cobbler and honey ice-cream.

All in all, I'd say it was a good meal. It's not the most phenomenal food I've ever had but it was definitely the best banquet food I've ever tasted. Bravo, Academy!

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