Saturday, February 13, 2010

Cool Party

We went to a birthday party on Super Bowl Sunday and it was super fun.

I never thought I'd see the day when the Girl is coordinated enough to do stuff like this. I am sure you can hear the excitement in my voice. (BTW, are you able to view my videos? Please let me know if they don't work for you.)

Then we had some dramatic/pretend play. This is such a great age and a great activity. I love it when the kids totally get into character and have a ball with the costumes.


Girlie following the King around.

Then she turned into a chicken.

Did I mentioned that we were invited to this party because of the Boy? This is the Boy's friend's birthday and the Girl was the tag-along for the first time. Yet somehow, she still made it all about her.


Tofuland said...

Nope, that video does NOT work!

Tofuland said...

Hey, your video is finally working!! Yay!!!!!!!!!!!