Monday, August 11, 2008

Random Collection

Here are some random pictures we took during the trip that I didn't have a chance to put up.

Here we were, all dressed up for a night out in the town.

The reason? To celebrate the 29th anniversary for Garry and Janet.

Here is a happy Hayden at 9:37am on a random morning.

Kira getting all hip and cool to go swimming with Nanny and Papa. This girl loves the water.

We went to a vegetarian restaurant called Lotus Heart Blossom because it reminded us of a favorite spot of ours in Seattle called Silence Heart Nest. Turns out, they are sister restaurants. They have the BEST tofu loaves ever! Here is Kira stuffing her face, literally.

Kiki loves Nanny.

Finally, a video that I am going to broadcast when Hayden is 18 and belongs to a super cool rock band.

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