Thursday, August 28, 2008

Teach Him

Kira said she wants to teach the baby to nap. Granted, she is a very good napper herself but how was she going to teach the baby to nap? I was curious so I put the baby in her bed and asked her to show us.

"Nap? It's a trick. There is no way we are going to nap, you gullible mommy."

"Let's sit up and talk about this."

"You see, baby, this is your fat tummy. I think it's time you go on a diet and start an exercising routine."

"Weeeeeee! No nap!!!"

Well, after I fell for the "I'll teach him how to nap" routine, Kira said she wanted to teach the baby how to play. I discovered yesterday that Kira is a really really good teacher. In this video, I have no idea what she is trying to teach the baby. Her game doesn't make any sense to me. But notice how she stops and asks the baby if he understands. That's a big teaching milestone that a lot of student teachers don't even get to. Her instructions are logical, step by step and very clear. I wish I have a video of when she taught the baby this other game and makes perfect sense. For the time being, this video will have to do.

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