Wednesday, August 6, 2008


If you are not even a little bit fascinated with soap bubbles, this post is not for you.

We were at the dollar store and I wanted to buy Kira a bottle of bubbles so she'd have something to do when we hang out on the porch and the yard. We found this "touchable bubbles" and thought we'd give it a try. These things are quite weird. The solution is very viscous and the bubbles are small yet colourful. Once the bubbles have been in the air for a while, they "harden" and stay on the various surfaces that they land on. If you go and pop them, they turn into a white film that is a lot like dry glue.

I, I mean Kira had a lot of fun playing with it and the bubbles make for very interesting pictures. Here are some of them:

First, here is the stuff we used:

Bubbles on the porch:

Bubbles on flowers. These bubbles were like glass. If you look at the pictures closely enough, you can see a reflection of me taking the picture of the bubbles.

Bubble hanging on a bush. You don't even have to look that closely to see my reflection in this one.

Bubble resting peacefully on my pinky.

I thought these two pictures look really neat because of the contrast in texture.

Here is a picture of the girl watching the bubbles.

According to my father in law, the secret of these bubbles lie in hydroxybutyl methyl cellulose. If you are interested to learn more, the patent for these bubbles can be found here. In a previous life, I would have jumped at the option of making this a fun year end project for my AP class. Now, I'll simply enjoy the happiness that this little invention brings.

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Eternal Sunshine said...

I bought some of these for party favors back in March. They were really cool, but MESSY!! We now call them the bubbles from hell, and I get them all to myself (cause I'm not nearly as messy as the kids - HA!)