Friday, August 22, 2008


My kids were treated like royalties last week while my friends were here. They were entertained every single waking minute and served impeccably. I am not sure if they can hack the hard life now that the visit is over.

We toured the Lucus facility one afternoon and met Brett for lunch. Then we saw the Yoda fountain. Here are my friends practicing to juggle two kids.

It's a minor miracle that all four people in this picture looked at the camera at the same time.

"Em.... What should I be when I grow up?"

"I'll be King Kong!"

What I didn't tell my friends at the beginning of the Lucas tour was that we had to walk a mile to the bus stop and hike up a hill to get home. Oh, of course we had the kids with us. What we didn't have were strollers or any other kinds of carriers. So.... yeah.... our arms fell off after the hike. Here was a tranquil moment before the strenuous hike.

I totally took advantage of the help I had while me friends were here. Here is Teresa taking care of both kid on our way to dinner.

Kira was seriously spoiled. This was how dinner was served to her EVERY NIGHT! Take a bite from auntie and then a sip from uncle.

This was Kira's celebrity shot. Doesn't she look like someone famous who's taking a picture with her fans?

We went for sushi one night while Brett was relieved of his duties for one night. Hayden loved it! He actually at some.

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