Tuesday, August 19, 2008

A Rough Day

It started fine. Then, out of nowhere, Kira threw up all over her brand spanking new car seat. I don't know about you but vomit smells worse than skunk to me. So, I put her under the supervision of the friend we met up with and ran into the store to buy her a new outfit. She was seriously all soaked. This was not one of those times when you can just wait until you get home to clean up.

Then we headed for lunch and all was going well until Hayden suddenly jumped out of his high chair and dashed for my spaghetti and meat sauce. He knocked it off the table and half of it landed on my jeans and the other half landed like fireworks on the floor. I have NEVER worn that much food mess, not even when I was a baby.

In any case, I calmly cleaned it up and said, "Bad baby, no ice-cream for you. You get a time out." Really, I had meant that for Kira to hear so she knows it's not funny to knock food off the table. Then her friend knocked over some water and I said, on auto pilot, "Bad boy, no ice-cream for you." Needless to say, the boy got quite upset at me and looked to his mom for reassurance that "auntie" has no authority to take away his ice-cream.

We made it to the ice-cream portion of the meal and I thought I was home free when Hayden, again out of nowhere, threw up all over himself. Luckily, he was wearing a bib. His pants were wet but it was manageable mess.

Should I even go on to the rest of the story?

I am going to... we headed to get groceries and the baby pooped in his diaper. So, I changed him in the car and threw the soiled diaper in the garbage bag that I thought had Kira's vomit napkins. Then I went to throw out the whole bag. As soon as that bag hit the bottom of a public garbage bin, I realized the bag contained Hayden's soiled diaper and parts of the carseat that I took out to launder when I get home. So, I had to reach in, with my bare hand, pretty deep, into the garbage while Hayden was strapped onto me in the baby Bjorn to retrieve the bag and deal with the mess.

Kira was quite curious as to why mommy was swearing so profusely at the garbage yet she went back again and again to fish out the original bag of garbage. I've always told her to never touch garbage. Consequently, my daughter kept saying, "mommy jo jo (dirty), don't touch, time out, no ice-cream for you. You got garbage all over town."

Yeah... so that's what happed to us before 3:00pm today. How was your day?

Doesn't Hayden look patriotic? Really, he's just Kira's official sticker book.

Kira has that evil sister look on her face while Hayden has that "I am so innocent you can do anything to me" look.

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