Sunday, August 22, 2010

Lucky Girl

I've been told I am a pretty lucky girl. I've never won the lottery or anything like that but things have been pretty smooth for me most of the time.

I've been working for a week now and though a little hectic, things have gone well. The kids are adjusting. It's probably harder for the Boy than it is for the Girl. He's never been away from me so much. I did feel bad the first couple of days after drop off and I still feel guilty sometimes, especially when he comes up to me to volunteer a kiss or a hug in the evening. However, I know he is well cared for and that the ladies who plays with him during the day totally love him to bits.

From what the teachers told me, the Girl is doing great. She's napping with all the other kids during the day and she's usually very busy playing when I go to pick her up. She's happy to see me but there are days when she begs for just a few more minutes of play. That's a good sign, right?

As far as work goes, I really have been lucky. I have a really great teaching load. I also get to teach all my classes in one classroom - arguably the best in the department. (Other people in my department are teaching in 2-4 different rooms.) I have a lot of space in the office and best of all, I have a fantastic view. Hubby's been asking for a room with a window for 5 years and still doesn't have one!

Classes will begin officially tomorrow. A month ago, I'd tell you I would dread this day but after a week of really thoughtful and meaningful meetings and various chances to know the school and the people I will be working with, I am quite excited to start the school year.

I am going to be greedy and ask you to wish me more luck for the next 10 months! Here I come, full time job!


Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your new job! Your students will be very lucky to have you as their teacher because you are creative, smart, funny, and nurturing. Best wishes for this school year! -- HKFC

Tofuland said...

Judging from your luck, I am sure you will have another fantastic school year with your kids! Please wish me luck in September. Knowing my luck, I know I will probably have a stressful, crazy year! Ugh! (um, can you transfer some of your excess luck over here, please?)

Christine said...

You have my blessing!

Andy said...

Good Luck Yetta! B doesn't have a room with a view? He should really take that Oscar of his and demand his view or leave for a job in Vancouver with one :P