Sunday, August 8, 2010

The Cottage

Since there are 10 in our party this time, we rented a cottage to accommodate everyone. The main house has four bedrooms and a sun room and there is a boat house in addition. It worked out very nicely.

This is the first time all the cousins got together. The Girl and the Oldest Cousin immediately became best friends. They do everything together. If one wants milk, the other wouldn't dream of drinking water.

The Boy is learning how to be a "big brother" since the other Baby Boy cousin is a year younger than him and often like to follow the Boy around like a puppy. The Boy went from being totally freaked out to mildly tolerating it in three days. It's very amusing for me to watch because it's usually the Boy who tries to tag along with other big kids and now he is the big kid being followed.

Back to the cottage. Here is the view from our backyard.

There was a paddle boat that we used to exploring the coast.

The perfect hang out.

I really wanted to sit here and read all day. Although the bugs probably would have eaten me alive.

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