Saturday, August 14, 2010

More Sibling Love

We've had a very busy month and life has been super crazy since we came back from our trip. The kids were both in full time care and we had various engagements each night. Today is the first time we slowed down to catch a breath. I think the kids really miss each other. Sure they were together during our trip but they had so much going on and the cousins to play with that they didn't have any alone time with each other. Then we came home and they were at different places during the day. By the time they were home together, they were tired and cranky so they didn't really enjoy each other's company. This morning, they slept in, were well fed and were in good moods. While Hubby and I ran around taking care of things around the house, they kept each other happy. At one point, the Boy soothed the Girl by reading a book to her. It was so adorable.

Back to doing things. Maybe I will find time to put up more pictures from our trip later in the week.

Have a good weekend.

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