Monday, August 9, 2010


I don't think my kids ever had this much space accessible to them at all times. They loved being outside and just run around. When they are out, they don't even bring toys with them most of the time. What a refreshing change.

The Boy loved running around with the ball. He didn't always kick it or throw it. He just loved having it.

Dinner was served outside most night. It was great because the kids can leave the table and run around when they were done and we didn't care if they made a mess. The chipmunks would come and clean up after us.

Little explorers walking around after dinner.

A paddle boat ride after dinner. So romantic to see them ride off into the sunset.

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Christine said...

You and the kids must have had a great time. That's the treat you get before starting your job. Good luck! Wonder when we'll see u again in YVR.