Saturday, August 7, 2010


Thought I'd start documenting our trip.

Our journey to Canada was quite uneventful. The kids know the drill and are generally very good fliers.

The Boy enjoyed a pre-flight snack...

... while the Girl stretched out her legs and snuggled with Daddy a little.

Good thing she did because once we got on the plane, she was on her own. We got three adjoining seats and one off on the other side. Hubby and I decided instead of asking someone to switch with us, we'd just put the Girl over there. If they can't stand her, they will ask us to switch. Look at how proud the Girl was of herself and how terrified the guy next to her was!

We watched some movies and the plane started to land. It was totally painless. Even the Boy tried to use the headphones to listen to part of the movie.

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Christine said...

You know judging from these pics, your children are growing fast, maybe too fast.