Monday, August 16, 2010


Once we got back to the city, we had party after party with other friends and family in K-Town.

While we were still rolling out of bed, getting breakfast, feeding and changing the kids, my MIL magically produced this spread for brunch.

Oh, and there were desserts. Yep, plural. DessertSSS!

Everyone had fun. Some were a little scared...

The big kids participated in dinner party preparation the next night.

After the guests were gone, the kids went back to the usual routine of running around making messes. While most people were outside, the Boy was very quiet and hidden in one room. I went to check him out and found that he had covered the room - furniture, pillows, our luggage, etc with stickers.

He was insanely proud of himself. His finest work was to plaster stickers all over his little cousin.

Strangely, this one activity was what truly brought them together. Now, the Boy has become the center of the foursome and it's just so cool to be covered in stickers. They consult him for the "rules of engagement" and what stickers should go on whom/where, etc. It was pretty funny. The next day, we went to the dollar store for some essentials and my brother-in-law bought a big box of stickers. That afternoon...


Yep, she even put one on her forehead. The funny thing was the Boy started it all but he didn't have any stickers on his body. I'd have to say he's pretty smart because getting the stickers off was a little painful. He just directed and told people where to put the stickers and helped get the stickers on their bodies. Isn't it interesting what fascinates the kids?

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Tofuland said...

Wow, I didn't know Jan is a chef! Look at all those food on the table!!! Amazing!!! And the stickers are just hilarious!!