Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Most people I know have heard me say that I wish I had two girls so they can be best friends when they grow up. I was worried that a boy and a girl wouldn't play well together. Was I ever wrong. While I still maintain that there is nothing like the bond between two sisters, my Girl and my Boy are giving me hope that they can grow up to be best friends, too.

Look at how in love they are!

I love it when they hold hands.

Well, of course, they are each other's best companion when they share food over a favorite movie. This is the very definition of harmony.


Andy said...

SO CUTE!!!! My HH has really grown up. he's almost as tall as KK.

Christine said...

Haydon looks so boyish now, no longer a baby.

Tofuland said...

Those two look like twins!