Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Colorful Beads

I read about dyeing and making pasta beads a while back but never had time to try it out. The recipe is pretty simple. Just put some rubbing alcohol and food coloring in a container (we used small ziplock bags) and immerse raw pasta pieces until you get the color you like. We left ours overnight and the colors came out very vibrant and saturated.

The Boy watching paint "dry".

See the great colours? Oh and since you are so great at guessing which kid is which, see if you can guess whose hands are these. :-p

It's a great sorting activity which both kids love. Sometimes I wonder if my kids have OCD. They love counting and sorting.

Nicely sorted.

I fashioned a sort of needle and thread out of a toothpick, some tape and some elastic thread.

It was great that both kids were capable of threading these beads and were equal participants in this craft. Sometimes, the Girl does all the work and all the Boy gets to do is watch. Surprisingly, the Boy really enjoyed this one.

The Boy was very proud of his work and wore his bracelet all day long.

The Girl is showing off her double bracelet look.

Another sick day project accomplished!

P.S. In case you were wondering, the hands belong to both kids. There are two right hands in the picture and the one closer to the green bead belongs to the Boy.


Tofuland said...

Wow, very nice work, mommy! The bracelets look fantastic!

Lauren Leggatt said...

this very genius idea. I wonder if anyone would be tempted to eat them! the colors turned out so vibrant!