Sunday, June 6, 2010

Annual Adventure

"I am so excited!"

"About what? Excited about my new favorite book that I carry with me EVERYWHERE?"

"No, you silly head. We are going on our annual trip."


"U-pick what? Belly buttons? I got one already."

"Don't you know anything? U-pick strawberries! We do this every year. Daddy, let's show him."

"Ohhh! I get it."

"Can I pick this one? It's nice and yellow."

"Daddy, we should fire the Boy. Here, look at how beautiful and red mine is."

"Fine. I will just be the supervisor and quality control/ taste tester."

"All these berries sure are heavy and it's only half of what we picked."

"We scored over 10 lbs of fresh organic strawberries. So yummy. Dessert will be spectacular tonight! See you next year, strawberry farm."

1 comment:

Tofuland said...

Yum! Looks like the kids had loads of fun! =)