Monday, June 14, 2010

A Rainbow to Brighten Our Days

Both kids have been sick for over a week now and we've been home bound the entire time. While we did a lot of napping, there were still lots of hours left. We haven't spent this much time at home since before the Girl started preschool. To entertain ourselves, we pulled out lots of crafts.

Here is the first of many craft related posts. We attempted the rainbow cupcake. I followed tutorials and watched this video. Our results were not nearly as pretty as the ones we saw on the internet but they were still exciting for the kids.

Rainbow batter:

How our cakes baked up. As you can see, they are more psychedelic than rainbow like.

I didn't use as much food coloring as some of the recipes suggested so the colour of my cakes were not as vibrant. I couldn't get the layers to lie flat either. The inside is just a huge explosion of colours.

This project was very time consuming and the result was only okay. I may try it one more time before I write it off completely. I will definitely make sky high icing for it next time.

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Tofuland said...

You should call them "the 70s cupcakes".