Saturday, June 19, 2010

Embroidery Part 3

The idea for this project started a long time ago when I read this blog post. Last year, I bought this plain dress and thought I would embroider one of the Girl's art work onto the dress.

Well, her drawing was not very interesting last year. They were mostly blobs of colours then so I put the project on hold. Seeing her embroidery brought this project to the surface again. We started with a drawing that we both liked.

I helped her redraw the picture onto the dress with a fabric marker. Drawing on fabric is a little hard because the fabric shifts around so much. I had to help her quite a bit. I am not sure if you can see the outline here.

With that, I set to work. I love the red/aqua colour combination so I just went with an all red plan. The embroidery itself was very simple. Except for the eyes which were done in a satin stitch, everything was done with a back stitch.

Don't you think a simple design like this totally livens up the dress?

The Girl was very excited about her new dress. She wanted to take a picture with the inspiration of her drawing, Stripy Sammy.

The cutting of the dress is quite forgiving so I hope she gets a lot of wear out of this garment. The only thing is that the neck hole is strangely small and my kids have big heads. I may have to cut a slit and make it a v-neck dress down the road. We'll see.

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Nathalie said...

I'm loving these embroidery posts!! So creative and fun. I hope I remember them when Emily is old enough to be interested in embroidery!

The dress is ADORABLE! I love it.