Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Crime Scence

Investigation report

Date: June 21, 2010
Time: 2:43pm
Location: Kids bedroom
Suspect: 2.5 year old, male
During a routine patrol of the area, a foot was discovered. See exhibit A.

Exhibit A

Further investigation revealed suspect sound asleep on the floor, blocking entry to the bedroom. Suspect left an 8 inch space to allow a digital camera to be positioned for evidence exhibit B to be taken. Suspect is thought to have attempted escape during nap time. Suspect might have been overcome by sudden lethargy and passed out by the door along with his accomplice, Blue Lion. Their get away vehicle, a blue Hotwheel, LP#137 is still parked in suspect's right hand.

Exhibit B

Actions taken
Evidence collected. Investigator laughed uncontrollably for over 5 mins. Rushed to computer to blog about incident. Can't imagine the priceless expression on suspect's face when this report is revealed to suspect's girlfriend when he is 16.


Tofuland said...

HAHAHHHHAA....Hayhay is just hilarious!!!!!!!!!! TOO CUTE!!

Bubble said...

Haha....I always wonder how that can happen. XD

Age of Cuteness said...

I'm so glad that one of your first thoughts was "I must blog this!". So so funny.

manchild said...

Toaly awsome crime report!
Plenty of finger print evidence lol can i hire your sevices? i have a problem with food dissapearing from my fridge!