Friday, October 30, 2009

Preschool For All

Now that the Girl is in school, I thought I'd let the Boy be educated as well. He is officially in the same preschool co-op that the Girl was in before he started real school. He will be getting two hours of preschool fun once a week. His first day fell on Halloween week so everyone was in costumes.

Some pre-lesson play time.

Totoro playing next to, not quite with, Yoda.

Circle time. Looks like he was escaping but really he was very good at circle time. He just had to get up because I got up to take his picture.

The Boy's first craft time. He was actually not very interested in the crafts.

There are 7 kids in the class and they are all very young. Wooohoooo! A new adventure for the Boy!

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