Friday, October 2, 2009

Gnome/Elf Hat

We had a few foggy gloomy cold days last week and when that happens, I want to knit. I was inspired by this blog to knit gnome/elf hats for the kids. (Thank you for tracking down the pattern, Lisa.) The picture on Little Acorn was just too darn adorable.

Once I started, I couldn't stop. I am making one for all four of us (yep, Hubby has to wear one too). If there are little heads in your household and you are on my list of people to send Christmas gifts to, look out! I will be attempting to turn you little one into a gnome/elf whether you like it or not! Wahaha!

Girl gnome.

Boy gnome. This boy does NOT pose for the camera! :-(

My two little gnomes.


Age of Cuteness said...


NanaBeast said...

I am with Lisa, PLEASE, pretty please, show photos of you and hubby in your you gnome hats! Your children do wonders for those hats. Beautiful, hats and kids!

Tofuland said...

So cute!!!! Love it!