Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Costume Production Phase 2

Lots of sewing, not very much of anything else happening around here.

"Check us out!"

"What's that in your arms? A friend?"

"You check out my friend, I want to see yours. What's in your bag?"

So girly girl.

"I am ready to party!"

Totoro and his friend.

Totoro momentarily distracted by a rubber ducky.

In case you are interested, here are the resources I used:

The black dress - Based on the Prairie Top in the book Seams To Me. I just lengthened the top and added an strip of elastic on the inside of the front to give it a little more shape.

The black kitty - Based on the Pointy Kitty by Wee Wonderful. I used fleece instead of cotton and stitched the ears a little differently. I placed the eyes and nose based on this picture.

The orange bag - It is practically identical to this.

The Totoro Plush - I didn't even use a pattern. I started with sort of an egg shape for the body. Then I put on the tummy patch and shaped the body by sewing a couple of darts on the bottom. Once the body was sewn, the rest of added on as I went.

The Totoro costume body - It's based on McCall 8938. I think I followed mostly the skunk instructions. I made up the tail by sewing a baton type shape and added darts.

Totoro cap - I used this tutorial for the hat part. Then I improvised based on this picture.

While I am at it, I thought I'd find the pattern I used last year as well.

Little Red Riding Hood - I knitted the hood based on this pattern and the girl just wore whichever dress she wanted.

Wolfie - The hat was based on this book. I can't remember much else. I don't even think I can do it again if I had to. :-)

So there. Still a week to go. Is anyone else still sewing like mad?


Tofuland said...

I think you did a FANTASTIC job making those costumes. I especially like kiki's. She is practically the little witch from Kiki's delivery service, except she is cuter! =) Love that ribbon and the kitty too!

random-Cindy said...

Adorable! My 4yo Miyazaki fan instantly recognized Totoro and Kiki too. Great job!

Doom Town said...

Awesome costumes!