Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Costume Production Phase 3

Here are the rest of the pictures. We may do one more photo shoot on Halloween but this may be it.

Here is what we were trying for Hubby's costume. If you haven't seen it yet, Ponyo is a very sweet little movie.

Here is what we did:

This is Ponyo's front and back. Her back is arguably the most successful part of the doll. Ponyo is the only thing I hand sewed this Halloween. We made her 2 hours before the party.

Pumpkin head modeling the wig. His hair was maybe the hardest part of the project. I was inspired to make a felt hat after seeing this amazing work! Too bad I can't find the link anymore.

This is the costume I was trying for me:

Here is her wig. I can hardly call this sewing. This is more of a hot glue gun project.

I did sew the dress and cut up a white t-shirt to make the top slip. I think it's the mask that makes the costume though. Thanks, Carolyn, for loaning me the shoes to complete the outfit.

One last picture of Totoro caught causing all kinds of trouble before we headed out for the party.

Happy Halloween!

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Tofuland said...

I think you did a SPLENDID job making those costumes!! I love the little ponyo on Brett's shoulder. Absolutely adorable!! Good job, mommy!! And your princess mononoke is pretty kickass too!!