Thursday, October 15, 2009

One Productive Morning

We got up, we ate, we got dressed. Then I set the kids off to do their own things while I sewed and cleaned.

The Boy probably figured he should start pulling his own weight. So he pitched in and helped vacuum the hallway while I was doing the bedrooms.

Then he saw me sweep the kitchen and thought he could sweep the play area too.

"Next up, laundry. Yep, I will just put myself in."

Meanwhile, the Girl did her homework diligently. She's been very enthusiastic about homework. She is, after all, a big girl who goes to school. (School doesn't give her homework. Mommy does.)

The Boy did some "homework" too. He was mighty proud of his work.

This was the Girl's complete work. It took her about half an hour. I was surprised such a simple thing held her attention for so long. She really enjoyed herself and has been asking for homework at night. I helped her with the first line and she did the rest on her own.

If you are interested, there is a great website that makes these printable worksheets for you. You can type in anything and they will make a sheet for you to print.

Oh, did you notice the kids' pants. That's what I sewed. Did I mention we accomplished all of the above before 10:30 in the morning? If that's not a productive morning, I don't know what is!

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Tofuland said...

Good job, Mommy! Kiki did quite well on her little homework assignment too! I am very impressed!