Saturday, October 18, 2008

Living My Dream

I don't remember the number of times I have made comments like 'if I had space to leave out my sewing machine, I'd sew more' or 'I wish the kid would either play blissfully on their own or take an interest in my work so I can sew during the day with them around'. Simply put, I thought my circumstances is hindering my sewing and I dream of a day when things will be perfect. Turns out, things are perfect.

My sewing machine is always out on the sewing table in my room. I've given up on putting it away after each sewing session. The result is a messier room but I also have been able to sneak in a few minutes of sewing here and there.

The kids have been super wonderful when I sew. This new jacket that I made for baby was done entirely in the presence of the kids. No babysitter (aka daddy), no nap time sewing, no kicking everyone out of the house. Kira helped me cut out the pattern pieces and organized my fabric while Hayden played on the side, watching Kira's every move. Then while I sewed, the kids played in either baby's crib or on the floor in my room. Baby never wanted to come near me and when Kira comes close, she knows to only watch and not touch. She understands enough to find the right pieces of fabric to bring to me as I assembled the jacket. She is becoming more grabby these days since I've given her "pins privileges". She is now allowed to pin pieces together for me or to remove pins to return to the pin cushion - only under supervision. She is very proud of herself and finishes every little task by saying, "I am a BIG girl so I get to use pins. Baby little boy so no pin for you."

So, turns out I am already living my dream. I, therefore, name this "the dream jacket".

The back:

The jacket has a gray fleece on one side and an IKEA cotton fabric on the other. Currently, I only have buttons sewn on one side. When I find the perfect other buttons, I will sew them on the fleece side as well to make this a reversible jacket. Oh, I even remembered to sew on my label! :-)

While we are on the topic of jackets, here are some better picture of the girl's jacket that I blogged about here.

A better look at the fabric. Isn't this fabric precious?

The inside is lined with a quilted polyester. I imagine it is quite warm.

The back of the jacket:

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