Tuesday, October 14, 2008


I have a big backlog of pictures and videos, some of the same locations that we've visited multiple times in the past two weeks. The next few posts may be a little confusing as far as when these events happened. I've been in a sewing mood for a while now and this past weekend I finished another jacket for baby. I think I will make one more after that and both kids should have enough clothes to wear for a while. This sewing obsession is the reason I haven't been sorting the pictures. I am still going out with the kids a lot and recording Kodak moments. I just need to sort them out.

Anyway, the first backlogged item I'd like to share is this incredible art by a budding painter by the name of Kiki. Check out the drawing and enjoy the intimate, detailed interview with the artist.

Here is the interview:

Finally, I thought I'd finish the post with a Kiraism.

While wearing tights (leggings), she made the following comment:
"It's my pants, BUT... it's my socks."

Profound wisdom! I think I just decided to sprinkle my blog with more Kiraisms from time to time. The girl has been saying some pretty darn funny things.

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