Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Party 3

The third Halloween party was more of a Halloween playgroup. We have this tradition to host a costumed playgroup and taking a group shot of all the children in our group. In the past, the picture taking is a stressful event filled with tears, screams, shrieks, escape attempts and yells. (Don't make the assumption that the kids are doing all these things. The moms sure did participate.) This year, I thought we actually did quite well. Of course we still didn't get a picture in which everyone looked at the camera (in all fairness, there were at least 6 cameras flashing away) but I think between these two pictures from my camera, we can at least see all the precious little faces.

Here is how we got it done:

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Anonymous said...

All the kids are super cute~!! Hayden is the cutest wolf i've ever seen~! Give yourself a big hand of making this lovely costume~ (of course, Kira is cute cute cute too!)

What a poor pumpkin......

Happy Halloween~!!